Spite - Beyond Salvation

Action RPG | 10 weeks half-time | 16 Developers | Memory Leek Game Engine (in-house)

Spite - Beyond Salvation is a Diablo-style action RPG where you play as the plague doctor, sent out by the Royal Alchemist Society to purge a strange illness in the city of Hillford.

My responsibilities included:

  • Main character sculpt, model and texture
  • Enemy model and texture
  • Boss texture
  • Enemy concept art
  • Various prop models and textures
  • Ability icon illustrations
  • Menu implementation

Main character sculpt, model and texture by me. Weapon model by Weronika Kowalczyk, textures by me. Rig and pose by Jacob Brodin. Based on a concept by Henrik Westerlund.


Infected Farmgirl enemy character. Sculpt by Weronika Kowalczyk; model, texture and concept by me. Rig and pose by Jonathan Antonsson.


Plague God boss character. Sculpt and model by Henrik Westerlund, textures by me.


I contributed concept art for the enemy characters: Infected Farmgirl and Plague Cultist.


I contributed the Ability Icons for the UI.