Post Haste

Arcade Racing Game | 10 weeks half-time | 16 Developers | Memory Leek Game Engine (in-house)

Post Haste is an arcade racing game, where you play as a daring Post Pilot who weaves between clouds and cliffs in the sky, as you protect your mail from a Post Pirate.

My responsibilities included:

  • Environment concept art
  • Player ship model and texture
  • Cliff sculpts and models
  • Various prop models and textures
  • Decorative propping of levels

Cliff models by me, textured by Weronika Kowalczyk.  Windmill model and texture by me. 


Player ship (left) model and texture by me. Enemy ship (right) model by Weronika Kowalczyk and textured by me.


Painted mockup for Post Haste. Ship blockout by Weronika Kowalczyk, and UI by Henrik Westerlund.


Environment/mood concepts.