First Person Horror | 10 weeks half-time | 16 Developers | Memory Leek Game Engine (in-house)

Blackout is a first-person horror game set in an outer space containment facility for dangerous entities. Your otherwise mundane job becomes a frantic escape for survival when a colleague is mind-controlled to set one of those entities free.

My responsibilities included:

  • Mockup/environment concept
  • FPS arms sculpt, model and texture
  • NPC concept, sculpt, model and texture
  • Various environment models and textures
  • Menu implementation

Environment concept photobashed and overpainted by me. Blockout assets by Henrik Westerlund and Weronika Kowalczyk.

Concept art variants of the NPCs.

Finished NPC model; sculpted, modeled and textured by me. Floor model and texture by Henrik Westerlund.